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Laminate Wooden flooring

Laminate flooring is quickly becoming one of the most popular flooring options in this country, due to the advancement in technology that has improved appearance and sound in addition to its durability and ease of cleaning make it an excellent option. The beautifully rich texture mimics real wood, stone and tile and they are extremely resistant to wear, stains or fading.

Solid wood flooring

Solid Wood floors are classic beauty that work in almost any decor from a traditional setting to a more modern environment. Choose between a solid wood floor, strip or “traditional” flooring, plank wood floors, parquet for hardwood floor design, and engineered wood. Wood flooring is the choice of interior designers and builders for the warmth and beauty it creates in a room. Install hardwood floors to frame your furnishings, set off a custom area rug, or subtly finish a well-designed room.

artificial grass

Artificial Grass

Our aim is to make our artificial lawn look and feel as nice and soft as natural grass. In gardens large or small, in playing fields professional. It can be enjoyed at any location. Particularly in places where grass could never normally grow, We fresh look and experience of natural grass.

Engineered flooring

Engineered hardwood flooring adds warmth and value to your home. Often most suitable for homes on slabs, engineered hardwood also offers more resistance to moisture than solid wood. With our variety of finishes, species, and widths of engineered hardwood, you can find the perfect fit for your home.


Deck Wood flooring

Design for swimming pools, gardens and parks, the offered decking woods are known for their durability. These decking woods are designed with non slippery surface to offer a firm grip during walk on it. Our decking woods are praised among our customers for their varied salient attributes.

P.V.C. Vinayl flooring

Vinyl flooring is another traditional flooring option for areas that are exposed to moisture such as bathrooms, kitchens or utility rooms. Its’ durability holds up splendidly to heavy traffic and with the extra-thick, no-wax wear layer feature, your floor will practically take care of itself.Vinyl styles have evolved to look and feel just like authentic ceramic, wood or stone as well as offering true “vinyl” looks with clean lines and colors.


Carpet flooring

Carpet style sets the mood of any room. Are you looking for warm and cozy plush or bright and airy shag? What about a formal room with deep richness in color? Are you carpeting a high traffic office or a bedroom? With so many design questions to answer, at least today’s technology is making carpet an easy choice as a worthy investment with stain and soil resistant, sustainable, and carpet with revolutionary new fiber for durability.

Gym flooring

What does GYM Flooring intend to you? Is it the ground surface at your neighborhood GYM? Or, on the other hand possibly it’s the mats at your nearby vaulting focus? Whatever exercise center deck intends to you, we  insure to have the ideal floor or tangle for you. Our Rubber Tiles for GYM surface is accessible in moves, tiles and tangles; all extremely sturdy and simple to introduce and clean. Our froth rec center ground surface, accessible in tiles and tangles, is exceptionally famous for lightweight home rec centers and gymnastic focuses.


Knowledge Base

Anagogic Flooring

A lot of What is most beautiful about the home is where wonderful things happen. It is a place where you cultivate a happy moment, a happy environment, where you prosper, where you’re not overpower with problems. Architects design the house, to meet the needs of the people. Many houses have several large rooms with specialized function and more things, but flooring is an important part or the major aspect that can easily make or break
your space. Flooring is the one thing that brings the whole room together. some creativity, a floor can enhance the decor of a
home. Whether you are exploring or thinking for perfect flooring for your
sweet home…. Here is few information about the Flooring.
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Laminate Wooden Flooring

Householder often ask “What is Laminate Wooden Flooring? It is actually multilayered Synthetic Lamination Flooring and has a layered construction for durability and it comes in a stylish designs that capture the texture of real wood. Benefits of Laminating Flooring… Easy to select with its innumerable option.  Congenial, because it is wood based.  Strong due to it’s construction
Feasible, as it is easy to install and maintain.  Countless Color and Style…
Laminate wooden Flooring is often mistaken to patterned wooden flooring. If you are looking for wooden floor, but pocket do not allow for it, than consider a laminated floor with a wooden look. It exactly look like real wood.
Construction.. Laminate wood construction is made for four layers.
Wear layer..A clear top layer that provides resistance to stains
and fading. Design Layer..A high resolution, high detailed it captures the look
of real wood. Inner core.It is moisture resistance, durability, and sound
absorption. Backing..A moisture barrier backing that protects the floor from
warping. Laminate wooden Flooring Installation. Laminate wooden flooring is easy to install, as it does not require any adhesives or nails. It can be installed in any room, moisture prone basement, and bathrooms. Laminate wooden flooring is a highly durable floor, with a huge variety of realistic wooden look at an affordable price.

Artificial Grass

Many homeowner dreams of having a lawn. But in Urban areas due to lack of space Artificial grass/lawn are becoming more popular. It is a viable alternative to natural grass. Benefits of Artificial grass….Easy Maintenance… It has a very wonderful low maintenance option without trying to maintain it’s    ever chasing temperance. It saves Money…While you might be daunted by the upfront cost of the new, but in long term, you will save money. You may want to know What is artificial grass made up of? Artificial grass is designed to look, feel act just like natural grass. The only thing it doesn't do is grow or change color with a season. It can fit in any environment any climate. Look of Artificial Grass… Artificial grass just look like natural grass. It respond the same when it is walked on and has the same texture as real grass. It also has the same feel as well. It is difficult to say which is artificial or which is real when you are running or walking on it. Installment of artificial Grass…
There are few easy ways.
1.    Dig out soil.
2.    smooth surface soil with the wooden screen.
3.   The adhesive used to secure Artificial grass.
4.   Cut the turf to shape you want.
5.    Nail the grass to place.
6.     Apply a layer of silica sand.
7.  Brush the sand into the grass.
A lifespan of Artificial Grass… It has an impressive lifespan. It can be installed any climate. It needs very little maintenance.  Homeowners who love to have the idea of great yards/lawn, but don’t want to deal with the constant upkeep, can look forward with this Artificial grass installment process-and can have many years carefree outdoor pleasure.

PVC Vinyl Flooring

You may want to know what is PVC Vinyl flooring?  Well, it is made of a variety of flooring products, including many product lines with a faux wood grain appearance. It is made from a plasticized PVC formulated for use in homes and also a business.  It has Convincing color, textures, and patterns. There are three types of PVC Vinyl flooring. The roll flooring….with roll flooring you get the best price and fasten installation.  Although it is very old and traditional. It has a least authentic look. Tiles…These are made up of various wood patterned to imitate the look of parquet flooring. PVC Vinyl flooring….It is luxury and deluxe, it mimics hardwood floors. PVC Vinyl flooring is easy and attractive and inexpensive flooring. It is budget friendly and trendy choice for a modern house. It is extremely resistance and low maintenance and very easy to

Engineering wooden flooring

Engineering  Wooden flooring is a type of hardwood flooring which is composed of multiplayer of timbers stuck together, then finish with a layer of hardwood lamella. It is able to withstand a high level of moisture and fluctuation in temperature.

Benefits of Engineering flooring…..
1…It is more resistance to slightly lower and higher moisture levels.
2….It can be used in any region of the country that has lower or higher than normal relative humid levels.
3…It can be directly glued down over concrete slabs or stapled down over wooden subfloor. It has same sale value. Engineering wooden flooring has started in appearing in new home construction and remodeling project.  If you are homeowner you can discover this wooden flooring to give a rustic look.


Carpet is a textile flooring. It is natural and ecologically friendly. The biggest apple to carpeting is that it is soft and feels great beneath the barefoot. The reason you should go for carpet flooring…. Economical ….It is economical and less expensive and does not need to replace d every few years.

Safety…. It is so soft that it makes safe flooring choice, It acts as cushion across the entire room and it is very much safe from an accident and can be a strong consideration in homes with small children or elderly residents.
There are few types of Carpet flooring….
1…Frieze Carpet.
2…Plush Carpet
3 Pattern Carpet.
4…Indoor /outdoor carpet.

GYM Flooring

If you have space in your home for gym then you need to decide on flooring. The flooring you decided for your home is not suitable for your gym.
Options for gym flooring…
1. Rubber horse stall mat…These heavy dense rubber mats are designed to be placed in horse stalls gym    and exercise rooms. These horse stall mat are very easy for horse keen joint exercise.
2. Virgin rubber floor tile… This Virgin rubber floor tile is closed cell construction, it does not absorb moisture and it is easy to clean. This floor tile is mainly for hard exercise.
3.  Cabin or utility grade wood flooring …Cabin grade wood works well-for gym as well as residential use also. It works for heavy duty weight lifting gym.

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